What is included in our woocommerce product configurator?


Save for later

Gives the users the possibility to save their personalized products for future usage in their account.

Custom text

Allows the customer to add a custom text with a custom color and font to the preview area which will be sent with his order.

Multiple views

Allow the customer to see his custom product under multiple views and angles, which are configured by the shop manager.

Request a quote

Allows the customer to request a quote about a customized product and purchase later if needed.

Save preview

Allow your customers to download the flattened image of their designs for use outside the product builder.

Upload image

Allows the customer to upload one or multiple pictures on his custom product which will show up on the preview area.

Form builder

Allows you to create custom forms made of text, dropdowns, radio, (…) to let customer to send additional information

Social share

Allows your customers to share their configured products to facebook; twitter, pinterest, google,whatsapp and by mail



A beautiful mutliple steps skin that will instantly enhance the look and feel of your configurator


A beautiful slideshows skin that will instantly reveal and complete the look and feel of your configurator.