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Defy Gaming is a company that has an expertise in selling custom Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PS4 modded controllers, with the aim of being the first and best. Each modded controller they offer is constructed from new Sony and Microsoft controllers and is fully customizable with numerous add-ons to choose from.

Their mods have been displayed in the best way for their customers to easily handle and set-up. Compatibility with the latest first person shooter game is guaranteed, and it is also 100% invisible on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.  

Obstacles on the Way

From the beginning, the creators of Defy Gaming had a creative perspective for their products. But the demand for 100% unique custom xbox one, xbox 360 and PS4 controllers was the highest challenge.

Customers wanted very detailed personalizations. Every single detail of the game controller was requested, and getting everything right, perfect and on time was going to be tough.

There is a saying that goes “ Every detail counts!” Therefore, they had to find a user-friendly tool that will enable their customers to express their choices in terms of color, design and more in the most flexible way.  

Developing the ideal custom Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 controllers configurator

The customer is king! Not being able to satisfy the unique demands of each customer is the easiest way to drive customers away. Defy Gaming  got the plugin that was able to satisfy his customers in every aspect.  

When it comes to product customization, Woocommerce Product Configurator conquers it all, because it is one of the best tools used to customize the most complex product in existence.

Their customers can choose from a wide variety of available controllers and accessories.

They can choose their own colors for the shell color, buttons, left  and right  thumbstick, D-pad, start and select button, controller pouch.

Above all these changes, Defy Gaming is able to make more sales and have an increase in revenue, because every customizable part can be charged with a specific amount (upsells).

If you are in the same business, or no matter the complexity of the products you sell on your Woocommerce WordPress shop, our online Product configurator can sort you out.

Learn more about how this online product designer, can help your Woocommerce shop. If you have any question, feel free to ask using the comments section below.
Note: the features described in our case studies are personalizations (custom works) of the plugin requested by the clients. They are not available neither in the standard version nor the free version of the plugin.

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