In this article, we’ll put the spotlight on VELDT,  a key user of  Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator, and how this plugin helped him create the perfect online product builder for his helmets. VELDT is a company that creates simple and comfortable helmets. With a decade of hands-on experience in the motorcycle helmet industry.

Veldt is committed to giving their customers the best. Therefore, through their e-commerce shop, they want to give them the opportunity to choose their helmets, accessories and to go even further by personalizing it. Below is an illustration of the basic components of a helmet:    Photo credit:
  • Chinguards
  • Complete Visors
  • Peak Visors
  • Shield
  • Frame/ Pivots
 and much more. As a customer, you might have a particular design in mind or a special color combination. No matter how wild your imagination goes, using VELDT and our online product builder  it can be turned into reality.

The Challenges

Having an online shop, VELDT had a growing demand for helmet custom designs because they had a lot of parts and options that could be personalized. The main issue they faced was that their customers found it difficult to give out specifications because they could not visually see the final result of the product they were building before purchase. It became very difficult to satisfy the very demanding customers. Therefore what VELDT needed was to put in place a simple and fun tool to be used by their clients, allowing them to unleash their imagination by trying several combinations of customizations seamlessly and visually to get the perfect helmet they want to purchase. And they found it!

How Woocommerce Visual Product Configurator helped create the perfect online helmet designer tool

Our plugin has established a reputation for itself in the Woocommerce/Wordpress world by being the easiest extension that can help design the most complex product online. One of the aims of WooCommerce Visual Product Configurator is to serve as the most complete, flexible, powerful and easy to use product designer for Woocommerce or WordPress. Furthermore, it enables you to give your customers the choice to configure the product they want, visually and in live prior to purchase.

With the helmet configurator, VELDT’s clients have up to 15 customizable parts on every helmet, each part can contain up to 10 choices. And there is more! It offers a text engraving option that allows their clients to add a custom text to the helmet in the form of initials, names or numbers. As in the picture below. 

An additional option allows their customers to download the final render of the product built. They can save it as their personal copy.

The Social medias option gives the opportunity to their customers to share their designed products with their audience on social media networks such as Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. In return they draw traffic to their online shop.

With the currency choice option, customers can choose the currency in which they want to purchase the product, based on the country of purchase. This makes it easy for customers all over the world to buy from the shop and in their currency. Customizing a helmet on VELDT is pretty simple,  click on the product configurator page, choose your designs, colors and parts and visually design your helmet on VELDT’s shop.

Now with VELDT the options are unlimitless. WooCommerce Visual Product Configurator has made buying a helmet from VELDT easier,  a lot more fun, and in a few clicks. And this can be done for anything else!   

  You can learn more about how this online product designer, can help your Woocommerce shop. If you have any question, feel free to ask. Note: the features described in our case studies are personalisations (custom works) of the plugin requested by the clients. They are not available neither in the standard version nor the free version of the plugin.