Our product builder works like a layering system using transparent PNGs files as layers. These images are like sheets of stacked acetate. You can see through transparent areas of a layer to the layers below. Each part or option of your product can be linked to a single layer. The combination of all selected image options will render the final preview which will give the customer a perfect result of his order.
To see VPC video on Youtube, click here. You can generate a private demo on VPC website and try to set up VPC from your private dashboard. You can also check out how VPC works practically by trying to customize headphone or sunglasses here. If you want, you can also check out some of our clients websites to see what they build with VPC. Click here.
First of all, check if your product is configurable. Go to the edition page of the product and choose its configuration at the bottom of the page under the Product data panel:
Make sure the product is available in the stock, and that it has not been removed.
First of all, make sure you have a enough space on your configurator page  to accommodate it. In this case, a full width template page is recommended. Be sure to fill in all of the component option names in your configuration.
If you are a developer or you have one nearby that can help you, he can check the font size of the text. If he notices that no size is defined, he can try to assign one by trying for example font-size: 12px. If the text is displayed, then it will be necessary to add this code in the text child or on the Customize tab. See here:   and Above all, avoid modifying the plugin or the theme yourself. The child theme avoids irreversible changes to the theme, and protects changes in the theme from official updates. If in doubt, contact us.
If you’ve done a recent update of Woocommerce, the problem may come from there. Be aware that we are already working on fixing the problem, or we may have already resolved it. So, check in the following instances if VPC does not request an update.
If you are a developer or you have one nearby that can help you, he can check if your theme is not in conflict with VPC. If in doubt, contact the theme support, or contact us. If you’ve done a recent update to Woocommerce, the problem may come from there as well. So check in the following instances if VPC does not request an update.
First of all, check if VPC does not also have an update. Alternatively, find the previous version of Woocommerce and reset it by replacing the new woocommerce files up to date with the files of its previous version, until we produce a VPC update based on the new version of Woocommerce. So, when the VPC update is ready, you can update both Woocommerce and VPC
… Contact us using our contact page or click on the rounded blue button in the lower right corner. Once you clicked on the button, you will see the dialog box. You can leave your message to start conversation with us. We will answer you in few minutes.    
Sure, just contact us. If you want another custom service (theme or plugin, or any technical help about WordPress), you can contact us. We have the best Price/performance ratio and the best support.
The layering system gives you unlimited possibilities. You can use this Product configurator to customize cars, buildings, phones, bikes, furnitures, helmets, vapors and much more. There are no limits to the type of product this plugin can handle. Please find below some examples we’ve built just for fun.

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