What can you do with our woocommerce product configurator?

Main woocommerce product configurator features

Compatible with any configurable product/Layering System

Using a simple and yet powerful PNG layering system, our visual product customizer is able to handle any type of custom product. Once you set up your product custom parts, and link each part to a transparent PNG file, the combination of the selected options will display as layers and generate the preview of the personalized product. This simple and yet powerful way to work allows our plugin to handle colors, shapes, patterns, shadows and any effect depending on your customers’ choice.

Unlimited amount of products

With Visual Product Configurator, there is no limit to the number of customizable products that you can set up on your store. The configurations you can create are limitless!

Stock Management for your Product Options.

If some options of your custom products are available in limited quantities, our plugin can keep an eye on the stock available. If one of these options is sold out, it is automatically removed from the list of the options displayed to the customer. This way you don’t have to deal with the consequences of customers customizing a product with options that are unavailable because you forgot to remove it or was unaware the quantity available has all been ordered

Conditional Rules

A custom product can be made of dozens of components containing different options each. The options of the components however may not necessarily be compatible with each other. Therefore, depending on the customer selected options, you can automatically make other options available or not. You can even preselect others to make sure the product that is being built by the customers follows some rules in order to make production easy and smooth for you.

Custom text

Let your customers add their own text and position them on the design area at a specific position and angle. Each text element will be sent with their order during checkout.

Images uploads

Let your customers upload their own logos or pictures and position them on the design area at a specific position and angle. Each uploaded image will be sent with their order during the checkout.

Quotes managements

Offer your customers the ability to request a quote instead of sending normal orders with their designs. All quotes will be stored in the shop admin area for processing.

Multiple views

Increase your chances to convert your visitor while customizing a product by offering them multiple views of their product. Each view shows the customer the customization made on different parts of the product

Save for later

Some customizations can take more time than others. Don’t let your customers restart their customization process all over again, you can give them the ability to save their work and resume later when needed.

Social sharing

Harness the power of social media. Use social media to bring more customers in by allowing your clients to share their designs on Facebook, Pinterest, standard emails and so on.

Custom pricing

Not all product customization have the same cost. You can assign a different price to each existing option so your customer can pay the total corresponding to his choices.

Form Builder

Does your product require free customer input? The visual product configurator allows you to create custom forms made of text fields, dropdowns, textarea, radio buttons which the customer can fill to send additional information regarding their design.

Multiple skins and layouts

Each store is visually different. Our product configurator comes with multiple skins and layouts, allowing you to pick the one that suits your taste. If you prefer a custom made one, our designers and developers teams can create one that will match your store colors and style perfectly.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be a technical person to understand how our woocommerce product configurator works.We value simplicity  and because of this we’ve designed it to be intuitive. It’s also well documented with video tutorials and a live chat in case you need immediate support.

Entirely modular

Our product configurator was built to be fast and easy to understand. You can enable and configure only the features you need, and add more when needed. That way your store won’t be bloated with unecessarly fields or scripts.

Mobile Friendly/Works on all device

Our Visual Product Configurator is fully responsive. Irrespective of the device used by your customers to customize your products, our plugin is compatible with every device and  delivers optimal user experiences.

Translation ready

Easily edit or translate any string in our woocommerce product configurator. It does not matter if your customers are french, american or british, our product configurator can be easily translated in any language and is perfectly compatible with any multilingual plugin such as WPML, qTranslate X, GTranslate, TranslatePress – Multilingual, MultilingualPress.

Customizable on request

When there is a feature you need that is missing, we can develop it for you.