1. How can I change the language?

    The plugin uses WordPress’s language. So if your WordPress site is in German, the German translation file will be the one used by the plugin. The next thing you need to know is that you need to translate it yourself because we haven’t found great translators yet for all languages. You can use a plugin like WPML or code styling https://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/. We recommend the WPML and the Loco Translation plugins.

  2. Is this plugin compatible with X?

    We can only guarantee that our plugin(s) are 100% compatible with WooCommerce and our other plugins and add-ons. Perhaps you could approach the developer of the other plugin for assistance with integration.

  3. I am having issues with the plugin. What do I do?

    It can be frustrating when something you got does not work as it should right out of the box. Or it’s been working for a while, and suddenly (especially right after an update), it starts to malfunction.

    First of all, make sure you have gone through the accompanying guide. Before calling 911 (in this case our customer support), here is a list of troubleshooting activities to carry out.

    The issues you are facing could be caused by:

    1. Outdated plugin version:
      Is your version of our plugin the latest? We release updates regularly, and these usually contain bug fixes so its probable that the issue you are having has already been fixed.

      Solution: If you don’t see the update notification in your dashboard, then please log into your Code Canyon account and check for updates to the plugin. Update to the latest version immediately.

    2. Plugin conflict:
      Did you update any other plugin recently? Did you install a new plugin recently? Or do you have other plugins with custom hooks that affect display or WooCommerce in a particular way?

      Solution: Please try the Plugin Conflict test, which just means you deactivate all other plugins except WooCommerce and ours to see if the issue still occurs. If it does not, then you start activating the other plugins one by one and testing each time to see if the issue still occurs.

    3. Other expired plugins:
      If any other installed plugin needs an update then this may cause problems.

      Solution: please update all installed plugins to their latest versions. Please uninstall any unused plugins from the system.

    4. Theme change:
      Did you change your theme recently? Some themes do not work with our plugins initially. While our plugins are built to be totally compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce, some themes may require tweaking by their developer to get them functioning as needed.

      Solution: switch themes and test to see if the issue still occurs. Do this after the plugin conflict test, to be sure it’s not plugins causing the issue.

    5. Old Cache:
      You may need to clear out your cache for real-time results to be seen.

      Solution: Please clear your cache and try again.

    6. And if all else fails, try another browser. By doing all this troubleshooting, you are actually helping us reduce the amount of time we will take to solve your problem for you. If you try all these and the issue(s) still occurs, then it is time to send us that SOS. Please take note of the results and list them in your message. We are constantly working to squish every bug as it rears its head.

  4. How do I update the plugin?

    Please follow the steps in this tutorial:
  5. What is the Conflict Test?

    Usually, when our plugins are not working as expected, a conflict test is the fastest way to solve the problem. A Conflict Test is a procedure that helps to pinpoint the root cause of issues within a site.

    You can run a Conflict test by:
    1. Disabling all other plugins except WooCommerce and our plugin.
    2. Switching the theme to one of the defaults such as twenty sixteen.
    3. Try to work with the plugin again.
    4. If everything is working as expected, that means we have a conflict somewhere so you can start re-enabling the disabled items one by one in order to find the culprit.
    5. Once you do, please let us know so we can start the inspection.

  6. Are there any videos to help out with the plugin?

    We have several videos for our plugins, that demonstrate how to install, and set up, etc. The link for the YouTube playlist for The Visual Product Configurator plugin for WooCommerce is here.

  7. I cannot find the Visual Product Configurator plugin on Code Canyon. Why?

    We have had to move away from Code Canyon. We needed to be able to provide sustainable premium support for our growing list of plugins and add-ons. This move also allows us to sell the plugin and all its add-ons in a single bundle.

  8. Why has the price of the Visual Product Configurator plugin changed?

    Over the course of time, we have found that we were not going to meet up with the standard we were aiming for if we did not make some changes. Our Visual Product Configurator (VPC) plugin has grown over the years and includes several add-ons that serve our users’ needs. With this growth came an ever-increasing need for more real-time support. Providing premium support, and improving our documentation requires more competent hands and more funds, hence we had to make some hard decisions.

    This is why the price for the VPC plugin has changed: We have removed the Visual Product Configurator (VPC) plugin from Code Canyon. We have also changed our purchase model to a one-time license model. Instead of selling the plugin and its add-ons separately, the new model covers all, including future add-ons. It also covers support.
    After the period of one (1) year, unless WooCommerce or WordPress release major versions that require additional modification from us, your copy of the plugin and add-ons will continue to work just fine but you won’t be able to get upgrades unless you purchase a support extension (please check our website for more details).

  9. I am unable to convert the purchase code from Code Canyon. Please help!

    This can happen due to several factors, including:
    • Invalid purchase code: please verify that you have the accurate code from your Envato account. Check the number of characters in the code you have. Be sure you copied it verbatim, in the right character case.
    • Time out: the process could have timed out, due to a break-in, or slow internet connection speed.
    • Interrupted process: sometimes the process is interrupted by a change in your IP because it is taking too long. Sometimes the system loads endlessly and you end up refreshing it before it works.
    • Others: The process could be canceled by the client itself, or there is not enough money in card used.

    Solution: Try the whole process again. ensure the purchase code is valid. Verify your internet connection speed is stable. Contact us if the situation does not change.

  10. The Add-to-cart button on my Build-your-own page is not working. Why?

    The Add-to-cart button may not work on the Build-Your-Own page for several reasons:
    • Code conflict: the theme (or other plugins) may be conflicting with the Visual Product Configurator (VPC) plugin’s CSS or JS code. It is important to ensure that “The Conflict Test” (see above) is carried out, to determine if this is the cause.
    • Settings: there is a field in the VPC plugin settings that allows you to enable the display of the button on that page. Please check to ensure it is active.
  11. How can I transfer my product builder data from one site to another

    Please follow the steps in this tutorial

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