The Visual Product Configurator Multiple Views Addon allows the customer to see his custom product in multiple views and angles, which are configured by the shop manager.

Installation and Setup

The instructions for the requirements, installation, and setup of the Multiple Views add-on can be found here. Any additional setup information will be provided below.

View Demo here.

Manage Views

The Multiple Views add-on has been updated recently to make adding views easier for you. To add views to a configuration, you have to do so from within your configuration now. Please follow the steps:

  1. If you are adding the views to an existing configuration, please open it by going to Product Builder > Configurations and clicking the particular configuration. If it did not exist previously, please go to Product Builder > New configuration.

  2. Scroll down to the Views segment, and click “Yes” radio button in front of “Activate Multi views”.

  3. In the following field called “Views” please add the names of the views you would like to add to the configuration, one name per line. 
    VPC Multiviews add on pic 1
  4. Save your configuration. This is important so that the views’ names can be entered into the configuration requirements for you to continue the set up.

  5. As soon as the page reloads, the names of the views you entered in step 3 will appear within a dropdown field, for each component, titled “Default View”. This lets you choose which of the views you have added that you want to make the default view for the user, upon page load. This choice is optional, therefore a “None” value is also included.

    VPC Multi views Add on pic 2

  6. Clicking any of the component’s “Manage Options” allows you to view the options you have set for that component. If you had none before, or you want to add another, click “Add option”. You should notice that the views created earlier exist as columns for each component’s options (see image below for an example).
    VPC Multiviews add-on pic 3

  7. Set the images for each view – remember that these images are the ones that will show when your users click the different view buttons, at the front end.

  8. Fill all the other fields for each option. Click outside the pop-up box and publish/update your configuration.

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