Visual Product Configurator

  • 30 days free trial
  • No set-up fees, no hidden charges
  • All add-ons included



1 license per site paid yearly

Frequently asked questions

Can I use all features and add-on in the 30 days trial?

Of course. Within the 30 days free trial, you get full access to the product configurator plugin and all the add-ons included.

Is it a subscription?

Yes it is a subscription of $10 per month paid every year.

What happens once I cancel my subscription?

Your license will be immediately canceled and your version of the configurator will stop working. Your data stored on your site will be left untouched but your customers won’t be able to configure products anymore.

On how many sites can the plugin be installed?

Each license is only valid for one site and one site only.

What do you mean by a "site"?

A “site” refers to one woocommerce store on which you can use the Visual Product Configurator plugin.

Are plugin updates available?

Yes everytime a new version of the plugin is available, you’ll get a notification in your site dashboard and be able to upgrade from there?

Is support available?

Yes! Since quality customer support is essential and of high importance to any best-selling product, we do our very best to resolve our customers issues by our live chat available on the lower right side on your screen.