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  1. Peter Frisch

    I am completely satisfied. The plugin offers many possibilities of configuration, working with rules is brilliant. The support is great, fast and very nice. A requested customizing was done at a fair price in best programming work. The support deserves more than 5 stars. I can only recommend the plugin and the additional options. Keep it up.

  2. Mario Gilardi

    Great customer support. When you work on a complex ecommerce you always need a hand, and they knew how to help me in all my requests! Thank you. Highly recommended!

  3. Daniel Carlotto

    Excellent plugin, it worked perfectly and the support is a 10. Great team, success to you guys.

  4. Samson Chong

    The IT Team is very nice and helpful. Thank you so much

  5. Edward Stack

    Super plugin and support is very quick. Would recommend!

  6. Erin Miller

    I use this plugin on two very different sites and absolutely love it. Easy to set-up. Both the shortcode and the configurator page views look nice out-of-the-box, but are also easy to style (or you can use a skin.) Love the conditional logic feature and the ability to set prices on the configuration options. I also use the multi-view add-on and although it is a lot of work adding views, the end user appreciates it. I’ve tried three other configurator plugins and this is by far my favourite. ALSO, the SUPPORT STAFF ARE AMAZING: super prompt in their responses, very helpful, and professional. Updates and new features are regular. Well worth it!

  7. Dane

    Fantastic support with the Configurator Suite plugin. I had specific needs and I have tried other plugins that were unable to function the way I needed. Configurator has so many customizations and the ability to write conditions is amazing. Top tier support team too, I made some mistakes in giving them info and they were patient and helped immediately.

  8. Guillaume LE CORRE

    Great module and great support! No hesitation!

  9. Ivan Reyes

    Incredible plugin! Works perfectly for any type of customization and excellent customer support.

  10. Max iezzi

    supernice graphics plugin, work fine and excellent customer care. Recommended !!

  11. Donatella

    VPC is very useful for configuring low-complex products with few conditional rules.

    In the case of complex products, with many views, many attributes and many conditional rules, it needs to be improved to speed up both front-end and back-end use. If developers could do that, VPC would become the best wordpress/woocommerce configurator currently on the market.

    • Orion Origin

      Hello Donatella,
      We’re currently working on improving our conditional rules features. The speed will be next!

  12. Loris

    It manages only 2-layers: component (or part) and option (or variant – for example color of the component).
    Because we need at least 3-levels (model, component and variant) it doesn’t suit for us.
    Management of conditional choices are worse.

    • Orion Origin

      I’m not sure I understand. Our clients are usually able to setup dozens of components and options. The options can be organized in groups inside the components for additional flexibility…

  13. Jakob Batek

    best and affortable visualization-plugin. we use it a lot and it safes a lot of time! the customers can choose their own color-design for their desired sportswear and even we use it to get a glimpse of a new color-combination.
    the support was very helpful and we even had a chat to solve the last and most persistent problem. very patient and professional!

    i would recommend this plugin and give the whole package a thumbs-up!

  14. Yann HOCCRY

    J’ai acheté ce plugin, car les avis clients était bons, et j’ai pu le tester avant de l’acheter.
    Une fois installé sur le site, j’étais bloqué pour configurer les options, alors j’ai demandé de l’aide au support et ils ont été très réactif.
    Je les remercie pour leur professionnalisme.

  15. Pieter

    Great support

  16. Bernd Neukermans

    The plugin is really amazing, even as the fast and good support we get from this company.

  17. Jono

    Timely and friendly support!

  18. Alberto Guccione

    Having to choose a configurator for a client of mine who has an important and constantly growing shop, I chose Orion origin of all, for its great flexibility and wealth of options and intuitive use. I was also able to appreciate the highly professional assistance team with immediate and decisive intervention.

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