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    VPC is a very good plugin for simple products AS WELL as more complex products. Very good Support, with the option to customize the plugin to your needs. Keep up the good work!

  2. weblacno

  3. dsclifos

    Great support and quick too. A lot of useful features. Highly recomand.

  4. DeniseField

    It is a very good configurator for simple products, but where you have different designs that require different conditional images, you can very quickly find for even relatively basic designs, that you are having to re-input all of the options and their associated images over and over, since there is no ability at present to clone an option. Even if you are savvy with SQL you cant duplicate options in the background since this plugin does not use its own tables to store data. Support have been good to answer my questions, but no solutions are available to speed up the work involved, its a programming change that’s required. So, for one configurator I have there are 2 leather colours, 30 piping colours, 130 stone colours in 11 possible combinations (each requiring different pattern images) so 260 per option. Total images 2,924 cloning options would reduce the workload by 1,430 images, let alone the re-typing of option names. The price is fair for what the configurator can do, however I feel they could author another level, standard should include the current functionality and pro version should have the option clone function for more complex requirements.

  5. slaap

    Awesome plugi! Impeccable and helpful customer service.
    Really recommended

  6. etimport

  7. IdeasGrraphics

    Plugin vraiment au top !
    De plus le support client est très réactif pour nous aider et résoudre les problèmes rencontrés !!!!

  8. Feria

    Wonderful customer support. Very helpful and quick responses.

  9. media90ro

  10. lintaman

    The developer responds very promptly to enquiries and requests for changes to the plug in.

  11. Peterpan1991

    Great Plugin!! And i have to say they have a great support! Really nice work. I tried to change the design that it fits in our CI and the design of the page. They really helped us to do it fast and exactly how we want it. So 5 Stars and i would give more!!!

  12. buelent

    Very good products.

  13. kgdolan888

    Great plugin once you get it setup correctly which can be tricky. Something to be aware of: This plugin only lasts for 6 months from the date of purchase, after which you are dropped down onto a “free” version losing most of the plugins functionality. I wasn’t aware of this until being informed by customers that my website isn’t working correctly. This is something as far as I can tell that was introduced in the last update without warning. Purchasing the plugin is worded as 6 months support from Origin, not 6 months of subscription for full plugin functionality. I spent a crazy amount of time setting up image layers across 5 different options, now only 2 of these options are working rendering my configurator useless. After contacting support I was told it is a limitation of the free version and I need to upgrade to the “premium version” to restore full functionality. So be aware that this plugin is not a 1 time purchase as it may seem, it is a subscription. Not happy.

  14. windkracht20

    If you’re looking for a product configurator plugin look no further. This plugin is awesome and very very easy to work and has fantatic features. Support is also prompt and very helpful. Worth much more than the money being asked for!

  15. petewales

    Great product and support!!

  16. IWenvato1963

    Really good plugin

  17. casaomnia

    Very nice!

  18. AsukaLionera

  19. gemedj89

    Perfect !!

  20. Nidodivespa

    Very nice product, hope they keep adding features and customizability. VERY good and superfast support.

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