112 reviews for Woocommerce Product Configurator Old

  1. razorimages

    Might need some tweeks for your theme, but works great, and has a great support team !

  2. etienneshoes

  3. krabbyhosting

  4. customcollabo

  5. nimbuscreative

    Great Support, Customizable Product.

  6. Homo_Ludens

    Big credit to the Orion Team! On our website we are using the Orion Plugin – ‘Visual Product Configurator’ for customisable products offered in our store!
    Continuously but especially during our development phase we have experienced a superior level of service – a very fast response time with a positive and generously helpful attitude from members of a highly skilled techical team. We have been most satisfied with the plugin and developers in operations and I (speaking on behalf of my entire team) will give Orion our warmest and most sincere recommendations. Thank you Orion and best of thought in your future sophistication & developments! Best, //Shali

  7. Oosterum

  8. toffepeertjes

  9. kleisy

    I actually haven’t used the product yet… had a glitch in the upload, and they fixed it right away! I know if I have any questions, they’ll help me out!

  10. DavidMTwp

  11. queued

    Many features available, very good customer support.

  12. dariodev

    Great stuff! Plugin works as promised. It is simple and powerful, the code is well written and integrates smoothly with WooCommerce. Superb support!

  13. mtala

  14. airamericaweb

    5 stars for Orion for taking the time to actually troubleshoot a theme that was not allowing their plugin to work. This was beyond the call of duty and majority of vendors would do nothing and tell you to hire a freelancer. Building a prime-time 500+ product outdoor furniture store with Orion product builder plugin.
    Feel confident app will get the job done. If I run into any issues they will support. Many thanks… Dave @ Air America Web aka WordPress America!

  15. spookiesdream

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