Layers, not colors

The Visual Product Configurator does not change the
colors of a product part but uses transparent PNG files as layers instead. Layers are like sheets of
stacked acetate. You can see through transparent areas of a layer to the layers below. The combination
of all layers produces the final preview the customer is able to see.

Compatible with any product

Ideal for products with a lot of options the customer
can choose from, our Visual Product Configurator for
WooCommerce allows you to create any type of
custom product the customers can build visually
prior to purchase.

Entirely modulable

No need to overload your website with features you
don’t need. Our product configurator for
woocommerce lets you enable which features you
need when you need.

Images uploadsAdd onGet this at only $28

Let your customers upload their own logos or
pictures and position them on the design area at a
specific position and angle. Each uploaded image
will be sent with their order during the checkout.

MultipleviewsAdd onGet this at only $28

Increase your chances to convert your visitor while
customizing a product by offering them multiple
views of their product. Each view can show all the
customization made on the other ones.

Save for laterAdd onGet this at only $23

Some customizations can take more time than
others. Don’t let your customers restart their
customization process from the begining and give
them the ability to save their work and resume later
when needed.

Custom Text additionAdd onGet this at only $18

Allow your customers to add their own text and position them on the design area at a specific position and angle. Each text element will be sent with their order during the checkout.

Quote requestsAdd onGet this at only $18

Offer your customers the ability to request quote instead of sending normal orders with their designs. All quotes will be stored in the shop admin area for processing.

Multiple skinsAdd onSome free, get others from $20 only

There is really an unlimited number of custom
products that be configured using our visual product
configurators. But not all products are equals. Some
are more complex than orders and require different
layouts, styles and look and feel. Our product builder
includes multiple skin you can choose from, all
responsive and compatible with all modules.


Do you gave some options that increase the final
price of the customer designs? Our Visual Product
Configurator for WooCommerce got you covered by
allowing you to set a price for each option.

Stock and inventory management

Do you have a limited quantity of one of the
products parts? You can link it to an existing product
in your shop for which the inventory management is
enabled. Upon purchase, that product will be added
to the cart too and it’s stock will be decreased. If the
product is out of stock, the part it’s linked to will be
unavailable for selection in the custom product.

Conditionnal rules

Do you have some product options that are only
available if the customer select some others? The
Visual Product Configurator for WooCommerce
includes a conditional rules feature which allows you
to define which options should be made available or
not based on the customer selection.

Easily translatable

Visual Product Configurator for WooCommerce can
be easily translated in any language using tools such
as poedit or plugin such as loco translate or WPML. It
also works well in a multilanguage environnement
for customers around the world.

Save previewAdd on Get this at only $20

Allow your customers to download the flattened
image of their designs for use outside the product

Form builderAdd on Get this at only $28

Does your product require free customer input? The
visual product configurator allows you to create
custom forms made of text fields, dropdowns,
textarea, radio buttons the customer fill to send
additional information regarding their design.

Live support

Leave your question, email address and phone number in the message. A ticket will automatically be created for you and you will receive a notification as soon as an agent is available to help.